Before he gets started on those two new Pee wee Herman movies, Paul Reubens will have a role in a new Todd Solondz film. And no, that's not a joke. Sounds like the perfect way to win back your family friendly audience, huh? We're not sure whether this is the same Solondz film that was first announced back at Cannes in 2006, but we'll assume it is and it's currently scheduled to begin shooting this fall. No word on who Reubens will be playing; knowing Solondz and the type of material he's drawn to, the part might be a tad explicit. And since the film in question is apparently a sequel of sorts (or companion piece) to his 1998 flick Happiness, I'd say there's a good chance Reubens may once again be caught with his pants down.

Solondz has been absent from the film world ever since his 2004 film, Palindromes, failed to cross the $1 million mark at the box office. Then again, Storytelling didn't do much better -- in fact, ever since Welcome to the Dollhouse scored roughly $4 million, each film's gross has progressively gotten worse. If he's lucky, perhaps Solondz will walk away from his next project with 10 bucks and a free piece of Bazooka Joe gum. But I hate to knock the guy; although his films are a bit out there, there's definitely a method to his madness. And hey, he discovered Heather Matarazzo -- who, surprisingly, managed to get pretty over the years. Who woulda thunk it? As far as Reubens goes, he's still talking up these so-called Pee wee Herman films. Ideally, he'd like to shoot two, with one revolving around Pee Wee and his Playhouse pals embarking on a road trip, and the other -- labeled "the dark Pee-wee movie" -- has him dealing with "Hollywood and the trappings of fame." For those who'd like to see what Pee wee looks like now, Reubens donned the classic outfit for the first time in 15 years during Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards earlier this month. And yup, that's a pic of him up there to the right of this post.

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