When the brothers fail, there's nothing else to do but try your hand at the sisters. Or, at least, that might be the motto of Josephson Entertainment and New Regency Productions. Just a few years ago, Terry Gilliam's troubled flick, The Brothers Grimm, flopped like a floundering fish (although it strangely got two award noms...go figure!). Now the sisters are getting their turn, as Michael Buckley's series of children's books called The Sisters Grimm has been picked up for an adaptation. Of course, since this is a Josephson production, Barry Josephson will produce it, although there is no word on who will mold the books into a screenplay.

The plan is to have the feature detail the adventures of the first three books (the series has nine -- a perfect trilogy number if they use three at a time). The girls aren't actually sisters of the Grimm brothers, but crime-solving descendants who are on a quest to find their parents. The first three novels deal with the sisters' grandmother being kidnapped by a giant, the murder of one of a schoolteacher and finally the legendary character who is keeping them from rescuing their parents. Buckley says: "We had a lot of people who were interested, but it didn't seem like there was anybody who could actually get it made, and I didn't want to hand the books over and let them sit." If done right, this could be a pretty funky flick. There's not only good crime-fighting detective girls, but the epic fairy-tale names surrounding them -- like Prince Charming, the Big Bad Wolf and Sleeping Beauty.
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