I don't know what to think about Tom Cruise playing a German general, but at least he'll be well-supported in Bryan Singer's Valkyrie, which is about an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Hitler during WWII. Last week we learned that rising star Carice van Houten, who just so happens to be my new favorite actress, is on board, possibly as Cruise's character's wife. The only other confirmed member of the cast had been Kenneth Branagh, seemingly as much a fan of playing Nazi as he is of playing Shakespeare. Now we have an official announcement that two of my favorite actors, Tom Wilkinson and Bill Nighy, are also part of the ensemble. The pair was already listed on the IMDb as being "in negotiations" (as are Patrick Wilson and Stephen Fry still), but they have apparently finalized the deal and are now definitely involved.

Wilkinson and Nighy are perfect for the project, because they fit in with Singer's cinematic interests. Like the director, both Wilkinson and Nighy have been able to do comic book or action or other franchise-type movies (Nighy more so) while still maintaining their respective reputations as serious artists. I think that Valkyrie will actually fall somewhere between the two extremes (too Hollywood to be amazing, but too serious to attract the masses), but aside from Cruise the acting talents will at least make the pic seem to be amazing (sure, it could even be amazing, but I'll remain a cynic until I see it). I could probably watch a ten hour film in which Wilkinson and Nighy simply talk about economics (surely their respective characters from Separate Liesand The Girl in the Café could be friends, no?). They are that interesting. I just can't believe this is the first time somebody thought to put them together in the same movie.
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