Almost twenty years ago, Working Girl came out, got huge and landed an Oscar nod for Best Picture and a win for Best Song. In it, Melanie Griffith played a secretary named Tess who was trying her damnedest to succeed on Wall Street, and finally finds her chance by impersonating the executive she works for -- Sigourney Weaver. While two decades is usually plenty of time for Hollywood to itch for a remake, for once I'm glad to say that this isn't the case. (This being the second save for the 80's film, since people thought Jessica Simpson's Blonde Ambition was a loose remake.) The untitled pitch that Columbia has just picked up is also about a woman seeking to be a professional, but with an entirely different spin.

Pierce Gardner's pitch is for a working-girl sort of comedy about a divorced mother who gets a new job. She's "lost at her new job until she realized that her experience dealing with spoiled toddlers gives her exactly the tools she needs to deal with spoiled executives." As long as this doesn't become a movie where she infantilizes her bosses and gets away with more than she ever would in real life, it might have promise. Gardner has an interesting track record, so anything is possible. His first screenplay was Winona Ryder's abysmal thriller Lost Souls -- a flick that inspired an IMDb user to say: "I would recommend that the cast and crew be destroyed or at very least forced to watch the film. A just punishment I have already suffered unjustly." Gardner is following it up with the upcoming Steve Carell romcom called Dan in Real Life, that has gotten much better user feedback from a test screening: "I've gotta say this movie is phenomenal." Either it's a crapshoot, or the man just has to stick to comedy.
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