Dreamworks and Ben Stiller's Red Hour Films are becoming a hot item these days; not only are they teaming on the talent-packed comedy Tropic Thunder (which Stiller is directing) and the vacation thriller The Ruins, but they also helped bring us Blades of Glory and are now working on a new project called In Deep. Well, that's what they're calling it today. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the flick will be developed as a potential starring vehicle for Stiller, and is based off a long-gestating original script by George Beckerman. However, studio has tapped Steve Conrad (The Pursuit of Happyness) to do -- what they're calling -- a "Page One rewrite/reconceive," which means chances are the following plot description will change considerably.

Apparently, the meat and potatoes of this story revolves around some dude (Stiller?) who "fights a parking ticket and becomes increasingly enmeshed in criminal allegations." Seems like the perfect material for Stiller, as some of his best roles have found him playing a dope who stumbles his way into a situation that "becomes increasingly" (key words in any Stiller comedy plot description) more hostile, and extremely funny at the same time. Well, funny for those who don't get tired of Stiller's same old shtick. (Side Note: Isn't it about time Stiller crosses over to take on a few serious roles? Or did he already test those waters in the late 90s, only to come away with a couple films no one really watched?) As far as In Deep (which sounds like the name of a soft-core porn sprinkled with a murder/mystery subplot and a little noir for extra flavor) goes, Mark Romanek will finally direct another film, having shelled out the cool and creepy One Hour Photo back in 2002, only to disappear back into music video land. We'll get back to you on this one after it's completely rewritten, has its title changed to Moving Violations, and stars Rob Schneider as a judge with a funny accent and a few quotable catchphrases.

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