So you're probably wondering -- what in the world did Tony Kaye do this time? Although the man seemed to be taking it all down a few levels in a recent interview, controversy once again swirls around one of his films. This time it's Black Water Transit -- Kaye's first feature narrative since American History X -- and a film that has had one helluva rotating cast. And although it heads into production this week, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson (the two leads attached for some time) are no longer involved. Instead, Variety tells us that Laurence Fishburne and Brittany Snow have hopped onboard the crime drama, which was written by Matthew Chapman, and revolves around a shipping company owner who attempts to get his junkie son freed from prison.

Now, this is an odd little story, because based on the way Variety makes it sound Willis has been off this project for awhile. In fact, when all that talk about Vin Diesel bailing on Transit surfaced, Willis was already gone. Furthermore, they make it seem as if Diesel and Jackson were brought on as possible replacements for Willis, and not additional co-stars -- even though Sam Jackson is listed as a totally different character from Willis on IMDb (who, by the way, still have Willis and Jackson down as cast members). Meanwhile, all I want to know is whether Kaye dropped a piano on someone's head? But regardless of the entire musical chairs conspiracy, all three of those guys are now off the project, and Kaye will have to find a way to get through it all without losing Fishburne, as well as his sanity. It's a shame this guy can't keep it together because I really enjoyed American History X, and would've loved to see more work from him in the narrative department. Kaye's abortion documentary, Lake of Fire, is currently making the festival rounds. And based on his track record, Black Water Transit will be released sometime within the next 10 years.

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