That Clive Owen, he's so hot right now! It probably helps that he's swung many of his latest roles right out of the ballpark. He's the only actor to sufficiently creep me out in a movie (Closer, which he got an Oscar nod for), and follow it up with one that made me forget every bit of uneasiness -- Sin City. Granted, the latter was just made for him. Owen's the perfect noir anti-hero with great notions and questionable actions -- and it doesn't hurt that he has a good voice-over drawl. So, what could be better than seeing it again in Sin City 2? Universal Pictures and Strike Entertainment are re-joining Frank Miller and Owen for something a little different -- Trouble is My Business.

Miller is going to adapt the Raymond Chandler novella with Owen starring as Philip Marlowe -- the classic private investigator known for his drinking, smarts and strength (who was previously played by Humphrey Bogart). Chandler once said of the character: "I think he might seduce a duchess, and I am quite sure he would not spoil a virgin." You get the picture. As if this adaptation isn't treat enough, Variety says that it could potentially become a series of films. Owen says that Miller is a "perfect match," but really he is as well, so unless they really mess this up, this could be a tasty, popular series. As for the novella in question, Trouble is a selection of four stories -- the one of the same name, Fingerman, Goldfish and Real Wind -- and they're about Marlowe protecting a rich guy from a gold digger, crooked politicos, stolen jewels that have a reward and a murder victim who might be an extortionist. I'm sold. How about you?
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