Honestly, I had never even heard of LonelyGirl15 until this year, when Cinematical covered the hoax-sensation's rise from internet shorts to feature films. First, there was a role for Jessica Rose in Lindsay Lohan's I Know Who Killed Me, and then, a starring role in Perfect Sport. Yet that kickass Star Wars fan can't get work? Bah. Anyway, now she/the show is getting a whopping, huge marketing deal with Neutrogena -- and it's not just a case of product placement or clean pores. Instead of pushing specific products, the show is getting a new character: "a 22-year-old scientist who helps the series' lead characters create a serum in order to thwart an evil org known as The Order."

For the uninitiated like me, who had no idea how evil organizations fit in with vlogger girls -- the story revolves around a home-schooled girl whose family is part of a cult (The Order). So, this new guy is going to create a cult-away. Neutrogena is so nice, to help innocent girls ward off evil cults -- will this lead to a series? Freak-away, of even better, Ad-away? Anyhow, there's a whole slew of questions that this brings up. Could short films start finding funding this way, with characters rather than a carefully-placed product? Would they even want to? I think it's fairly easy these days to ignore what product your favorite star is indulging in, but where's the limit on characters? We always hear about how studios step in and mess up a character to try to make it more tantalizing to the public (and how that fails), so I can only imagine the possibilities if product companies get in on the development.

Then again, it's pretty interesting (regardless of popularity) that Neutrogena has chosen a show about a girl and a weird cult. Mainstream companies don't usually go for the faces/people associated with cult entertainment, horror and the like. I can just see it now -- the horror movie for the next generation -- forget about chastity and the scary movie rules about no sex or lascivious activities, Killer X hates your skin! Girls beware -- if you get a pimple, you'll die...literally! Once again, I say bah.