If you're a fan of Canadian cinema, chances are that you like Michel Côté. If you don't know who that is, you really, really need to check out Jean-Marc Vallée'sC.R.A.Z.Y. In it, he played the Patsy Cline-loving father to a family of boys, one of whom is considered a modern-day Christ-like figure. His performance won him a Genie award last year for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role. It's one of those flawed-character roles of a man who can be pretty crappy, but still likeable. Now Hollywood North Report has posted that he will be reprising the first role to gain him a Genie nomination back in 1990 -- well, make that roles.

In 1989, he starred in Cruising Bar, a comedy that had him starring as the four lead characters -- Jean-Jacques, Gérard, Patrice and Serge. The four men -- a nerd, a broken-hearted junkie, a snobby yuppie and a middle-aged husband -- team up to go out "babe-hunting" one Saturday night. Next month, 18 years after the first, shooting will start in Montreal on Cruising Bar 2 -- once again directed by Robert Ménard. According to the site, the characters are the same, with these sub-titles: Gérard the Bull' Patrice the Lion, Jean-Jacques the Peacock and Serge the Worm. Côté wrote the original with Ménard, and has teamed up again with him for the sequel, but this time he's also getting to co-direct. The production is, unsurprisingly modest -- $5.2 million for a 7-week shoot that wraps in August. I imagine that we'll get a chance to see it some time next year.
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