I've seen weirder ads show up on craigslist, but this one certainly takes the cake for being one of the more pathetic (if it's true). Here's what we know from the ad: A male director (age 33) is looking for a male date to take to a movie premiere in Los Angeles. And based on the following description (provided by the mystery author), it appears to be a fairly big event. He writes, "Yes, there will be celebrities and industry weirdos at the premiere. Yes, there is a big party afterwards. Yes, I really am the director. Yes, it really is a real movie with real celebrities at a real premiere with a red carpet and everything." Really? You don't say.

He goes on to explain that the reason why he's on craigslist looking for a date is because he just recently moved from New York to LA (to make the movie) and he hasn't had time to meet anyone seeing as he's been too busy working "14 hours a day 7 days a week." Of course he lists a bunch of requirements ("not insane," "reasonably intelligent," "clean and sober," "not an actor looking to network") and if you're also a fellow ex-pat New Yorker then that should win you a few extra bonus points. Now, judging from the fact that he's a "director" who doesn't know anyone in LA, that he calls this premiere a "once in a lifetime event," and that he's actually looking to take someone he met on craigslist -- chances are he's either a first-timer premiering some indie film or a real moron. Ooohh ... is it Michael Bay?! Well, Bay is 42, not 33, but I wouldn't put it past him to lie. Then again, that guy's ego is way too big for something like craigslist.

Slashfilm points out that it might be George Ratliff (38) who's indie flick Joshua (filmed entirely in NYC) is due out July 6. Yes, he's 38, but the ad calls for someone between the ages of 25 and 40 (which means he may be fibbing a bit on the age to throw off his identity). Or -- and here's a gigantic leap -- the entire thing could be fake; just some jackass talking himself up so that he can meet a handsome young male. You be the judge, and feel free to take some guesses as to who this mystery man could be.

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