It might seem strange to see Martin Scorsese's name in front of a film called Frankie Machine since, as far as we know, he's not attached. But according to Deadline Hollywood that's all changed, and apparently Scorsese will team up with his favorite Goodfella on yet another mob-related flick. But let's backtrack: Last year, Robert De Niro picked up the rights to adapt The Winter of Frankie Machine -- written by Don Winslow -- as a potential starring vehicle for himself. From there, the duo of David Levien and Brian Koppelman (Ocean's Thirteen, Rounders) were brought on to pen a screenplay, and not much has been heard about the project since aside from Latino Review calling the script "a masterpiece." Wonderful. Thrilling. Tell me more!

Well now, Nikki Finke says that Scorsese will direct Frankie Machine (the title has since been shortened so that it sounds like Goodfellas meets Robocop -- dare I ask why?) under his deal with Paramount and, furthermore, he'll do so right after he finishes up this Rolling Stones documentary. The film, in case you're wondering, centers on a retired mob hitman (De Niro) who now spends his days running a bait shop. But when the son of a mob boss asks for Frankie's help settling a dispute, and he agrees, our hero soon finds out that he's been set up. Not with a tall, beautiful blonde, mind you, but with a potential bullet to the head. If the deal goes through and things become official, Frankie Machine will become the ninth big-screen collaboration for Scorsese and De Niro, with the latter recently alluding to the fact that he'd like to shoot an even 10 films with Scorsese before both men retire for good. But is that 10 mob-related films, or just 10 films? And, most importantly, since there's an opening for the role of Mob Boss's Son, will we finally get to see Scorsese's two main men, De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, go head to head in a Scorsese film? I'd certainly dig that.

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