They're calling this The Worst Movies Ever, but actually it's simply a compilation of six horrific scenes from a few random films (five to be exact) that I, personally, never watched. Schulte Fiaja separates the clips into six different categories: Worst Death Scene (Enter the Ninja), Worst Stunt (unknown Indian movie), Worst Reaction (Troll 2), Worst Acting Ever (Silent Night, Deadly Night 2), Most Random Line Ever (Shark Attack 3) and Worst CGI (Shark Attack 3). Most of the men out there will probably love the random line of dialogue in Shark Attack 3 (beware of dirty language), but I absolutely adored the ridiculous stunt pulled off in the unknown Indian movie (bonus points to anyone who knows what film it is). In the scene, a man chases a car while on top of a horse, and when a truck gets in his way he somehow slides underneath it, horse and all. Fantastic stuff!

The Enter the Ninja scene is pretty hilarious, and I'm not sure who the hell cast that guy in Troll 2 -- not to mention why in the world director Claudio Fragasso thought the scene was good enough to make the final cut. I mean, the dude is watching a bunch of trolls eat someone, and all he can do is stand there as if he's waiting in line at a concession stand while the guy up ahead orders more food than an entire village can consume in a week (why do I always wind up behind that guy?). Ah, but nothing truly tops Shark Attack 3 and its over-the-top (times ten) CGI. But enough about the video, you need to watch it for yourself. I've included it after the jump (courtesy of JoBlo), but definitely come back after you're done and let us know your favorite (or least favorite) scene.