As we all know, the countdown to The Simpsons Movie began a long time ago -- probably about fifteen years ago by some fan estimations. So as we get closer to the holiest of days for Simpsons fans everywhere, a new poster for the film has just hit the net. Fox has managed to keep most of the details of the movie under wraps so far -- that's if you don't count those early screenings. However, the final theatrical trailer is making the rounds as well, providing lots more info regarding the plot of the film --mainly the annihilation of Springfield (through the kind of action-heavy montage you'd find in a Michael Bay trailer) and Homer's complex relationship with a pig (I'm making my prediction now that "Spider Pig" is going to sweep the nation). As for the marketing, it's been pretty inventive, and we still haven't found out which real-life Springfield is the lucky winner to host the premiere.

This is just the latest in an evolution of one-sheets that started with the oh-so-familiar image of Homer's chubby little hand grasping a donut, to some individual character shots, to finally a poster that puts the whole dysfunctional family front and center -- and I couldn't help but think of the original poster for National Lampoon's Vacation. The image does give a few hints to some of the things we have already seen in the teasers; namely that Homer manages to enrage the whole town -- complete with angry mobs carrying torches. Luckily, if there is anyone that can bring the comedy out of an angry mob, it's Groening and company. As you probably know, and are sick to death of hearing about, the film opens on July 27th -- but if you can't wait for a Simpsons fix, you can always pick up one of those limited edition soundtracks that will hit shelves the day before the release.