Earlier this month, we reported that Bruce Willis is expecting Fox to do another Die Hardmovie after Live Free and Die Hard. At the time, the actor mentioned he'd only be interested in part five if he's joined again by Live Free co-stars Maggie Q and Justin Long, as well as director Len Wiseman. In a new story from MTV, though, Willis hints about the idea of making a Die Hard prequel. Could that be the direction for Die Hard 5? I doubt it, considering, as Willis admits, he could only return as a young John McClane if there were some serious special effects makeup utilized. Personally, I don't think a prequel would make sense; the whole idea of the first Die Hard is that McClane is a normal guy who has never been in this kind of situation before. The only other thing that Willis had to say regarding another film is that he prefers that it be shot in the U.S., because Die Hard is an American film.

Unlike his character in Live Free or Die Hard, who is portrayed as an analog man in a digital world, Willis is pretty hip to computers. The interview from which MTV's story is pulled was conducted through a virtual press conference on the online world of Second Life. Willis appeared to fans as an avatar and even confessed to being an internet junkie, getting all his news and doing most of his communication via the web (we already knew he liked to comment on movie sites.) He also applauded Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays his daughter, for studying the previous Die Hard films in order to make her character completely recognizable as the spawn of McClane and his wife, Holly (Bonnie Bedelia, who only appeared in the first two movies.) Live Free or Die Hard hits theaters next Wednesday, after which we'll find out if Fox thinks another outing, prequel or not, is worth it.

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