Although his involvement in the Batman sequel has been rumored for quite awhile now, Superhero Hype has received a spy report that seems to confirm Cillian's Murphy's participation in The Dark Knight. Of course, this all depends on how trustworthy the spy is -- but since they were present during filming and took pictures (none of which clearly featured Murphy though), I'll take their word for it. Beware of potential spoilers ahead. According to the spy, last night Christopher Nolan and his crew were shooting a scene that involved a confrontation of sorts between two gangs, one of which he (or she) called "the Scarecrow gang." Here's a snippet of the report: "Around 2:30-3ish they returned to the set and started filming two gangs fighting with each other. Then I spotted Cillian and they filmed him yelling at the gang. The sound of gunfire blasted and everyone ran for cover. They repeated this over and over again."

After a few images that clearly show two groups of people meeting for what looks like a "secret deal", the spy continues: "So after a few takes of that... they moved to the side of the van. I saw a Batman... It had to be a stunt double. And him and Scarecrow had a struggle and ended with the crow gassing Batman. Batman fell to the ground holding his face screaming." The actual pictures look to have been taken from across the street, but it appears one of the figures is wearing the Scarecrow mask. Then again, it is hard to make out since we only see him from behind. If all this is true, I like where they're going with this -- continuing the Scarecrow's storyline while a new villain (Joker) pops into the picture. It appears as if each film will seamlessly blend into the next, with two more possible villains (Two Face and Riddler) being set up while Batman rids himself of an old nemesis (Scarecrow) and a new one (Joker). Hopefully Nolan knows what he's doing and it won't seem like too much (ahem, Spider-Man 3), but my fingers are crossed as I patiently await this thing to hit theaters on July 18, 2008.

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