If watching Timothy Olyphant make life tough for Bruce Willis' John McClane isn't enough to satiate you for one night, ComingSoon says that the first trailer for his other new action flick, Hitman, will screen before the movie next week. This would, hopefully, mean that you'll get your first official look at the actor as Agent 47 -- unless, of course, they got one of those teaser routes where they show absolutely nothing and we're made to be excited by the flashing name of the film and some cheesy voice-over. Last month, I alerted you to some pictures that surfaced showing Olyphant in his bald-headed glory, but the pictures were removed at the request of the studio a few days later. No more sexy...sorry, I don't mean to deflate any excitement you might have about the movie, so let me rephrase: manly, burping, muscle-laden, tough, clever, unstoppable testosterone for us to enjoy.

This will be the first English-language feature for Xavier Gens, from an adapted screenplay by Swordfish writer Skip Woods. The film will cover Agent 47 as he gets wrapped up in a political conspiracy and hunted by both interpol and the Russian military while traveling across Eastern Europe trying to find out who set him up. Dougray Scott is one of the guys chasing him, and I imagine that Olga Kurylenko is the beautiful, damaged girl he comes across, since she's the only female on the cast list. Other cast include Prison Break'sRobert Knepper, Kingdom of Heaven'sUlrich Thomsen and Michael Offei, who had a small part in Casino Royale as Obanno's Lietenant.
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