The first eight minutes of Live Free or Die Hard are now available online, although I'm not entirely sure this is how the movie opens because it seems sort of awkward. If I had to take a guess, I'd say this is the first action sequence of the flick, since there needs to be some sort of set up where McClane (Bruce Willis) is instructed to pick up this cyber punk and drive him down to Washington D.C. (to which he replies, "Can't someone else do it, I'm having a really bad day). Regardless, if you're trying to decide whether or not to see the film, watching the first eight minutes or so should help you come to a decision. Personally, I'm not crazy about this sort of marketing tactic -- a three-minute trailer is one thing, but I'd rather wait until I'm inside a movie theater to watch a full-blown action scene in its entirety. But that's me. God knows there's tons of people out there who like watching movies on their computer screen (illegally and legally).

I only watched the first half of the clip so that I'd be able to write this post (I know, I broke my own rule), and in doing so I couldn't help but feel as if I was watching an entire film featuring the kid from those Mac commercials -- meaning I didn't see Justin Long as a new character, I saw Justin Long as the annoying, snobbish kid who thinks he's better than everyone else because his computer does fancy tricks. So that immediately took me out of the scene, which features John McClane showing up to this kid's apartment with orders to escort him to Washington D.C. But as they prepare to leave, the bad guys pop in looking to cause serious damage. That's where I shut it off, but I imagine from there the two dodge a few bullets, an assortment of fists, and get out of the joint just in the nick of time. I was a tad let down, but I'm still jazzed about seeing my favorite NYC police detective back on the big screen. Live Free or Die Hard hits theaters on June 27.

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