I'm not sure whether Dane Cook is moving up in the big-screen world, or down. So far he's gone from Jessica Simpson (Employee of the Month) to Jessica Alba (Good Luck Chuck) and, now, to Kate Hudson for his upcoming comedy Bachelor No. 2. Well, one thing's for sure -- he's decided to ditch the Jessicas. Variety reports that Hudson has signed on to star opposite Cook in the film, which was penned by Jordan B. Cahan and will be directed by Howard Deutch (Pretty in Pink). Production is set to begin this August in Boston (Cook's hometown, I believe) with Manangement 360, Terra Films and Cook's Superfinger Entertainment producing.

In all fairness, I think Cook finally found a role that suits him perfectly; one that allows him to utilize the raunchy style of comedy that made him famous in the first place. In Bachelor No. 2, he'll play a guy hired by men who have recently been dumped to take out their ex-girlfriends and show them a miserable time. The idea is that they'll be so disgusted and turned off by what is out there, they'll immediately run back to their old boyfriend who'll lovingly welcome them with open arms. However, problems arise when Cook's character is asked to take out the ex-girlfriend of his best friend who, I assume, will be played by Hudson (the ex-girlfriend, not the best friend). The two hit it off, he screws over his best friend and the moral of the story will be ...

I've always had a thing for Hudson (she was my celebrity crush in our Cinematical/Moviefone poll), but the girl is killing me with all these romantic comedies. Do something different Kate! I really want to pimp your skills, but you're giving me absolutely nothing to work with. You, Me and Dupree? Raising Helen? Alex & Emma? And what's next -- Fool's Gold with Matthew McConaughey? I guess I'll just have to keep watching Almost Famousover and over until the girl finally gives us a role worth talking about.

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