Worst Movie SequelsEverywhere you look this summer, there's a poster for another movie sequel: a third Ocean's installment, a second Fantastic Four, a fifth go-around with the hapless Hogwarts crew of Harry Potter ... So in honor of 95% of the season's flicks being part twos, threes or fives, Moviefone decided to rank the 25 worst movie sequels of all time. Why be so negative, you may ask? Why focus on the steaming piles of cinematic horse manure when we could focus on all the gleaming gold? Well, for one, Moviefone has already ranked the 25 best movie sequels of all time. And for another, there's a whole lot of crap out there -- and it's damn fun to write about it.

In fact, there's so much excrement in the vast universe of sequels that we had to be a bit discerning when coming up with our "top" 25 worst. As much as it broke our hearts to omit Teen Wolf, Too and Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood (yes, that is a real movie), we had to limit our picks to sequels that we actually thought -- even for a brief moment -- might be good. And although we admire Jennifer Aniston's stellar work in the original Leprechaun, our hopes weren't exactly high for any of the follow-ups. On the other hand, we were super stoked for Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace before George Lucas crushed our spirits by introducing us to the most galactically annoying character in movie history (damn you, Jar Jar!).

What do you think are the worst sequels of all time? Did we miss any on our list? And, most importantly, when can we expect another Leprechaun movie?