For over a year and a half, we've been bringing you news about the graphic novel adaptation, Wanted, since Timur Bekmambetov was picked to direct. Since then, James McAvoy nabbed the lead role, Morgan Freeman signed on to play lead-assassin Sloan, Angelina Jolie jumped at the chance to be a Fox, then she cruised the windy city in a Dodge Viper, hip-hop guy Common then signed on to be the Gunsmith and finally Bekmambetov brought Konstantin Khabensky (Night Watch) to the otherwise-Hollywood list. As if all these other tasty morsels weren't enough, Variety now reports that Terence Stamp is now a part of the cast.

For some reason, however, they're not saying who he is -- does that mean he's the evil, fatherly villain who dies, leaving McAvoy to take over? Perhaps. In the series, Sloan was the father's partner, and they're almost the same age. Whatever the case, Stamp definitely has the acting chomps, since he's played almost every role on the spectrum -- a bandit named Blue, General Zod, a global traveler who discovers monsters, an art dealer named Victor Taft, a man who civilizes Young Guns, a desert-traveling cross-dresser, a controversial sex therapist and even the voice of Jor-El. If there are any Wanted fans out there who think they know who Stamp will be, please speak up!

For those that haven't kept up: Wanted switches up the whole comic story. Instead of a band of heroes, it is about the world's super-villains, who have come together to get rid of superheroes and re-create the world. (Guild of Calamitous Intent with more success?) Now Wesley Gibson (McAvoy) is a man who discovers that his recently-killed father was a villain named The Killer, and that he's inherited his dad's weapon skills. So, he enters the ranks of evil.
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