Production has just began on an indie thriller directed by Charles Adelman (The Zodiac Killer) called Two: Thirteen, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Teri Polo has signed onto the cast that already includes Mark Thompson (Mother Ghost), Mark Pellegrino (The Number 23), Kevin Pollak (The Whole Ten Yards), Dwight Yoakam (Crank) and Jere Burns (Help Me Help You). Frankly, I'm surprised that no one nabbed Henry Rollins for a part -- he does flicks like these sometimes, and two-thirteen is not only his birthday, but part of the name of his company. Regardless, we should be happy that they seemingly changed the title to something a little simpler and less teh suck -- 2wo THIR13N.

This is the second feature penned by Thompson, who also wrote and starred in Mother Ghost in 2002. In fact, Two is reuniting him with some of his co-stars -- Pollak and Burns. The film focuses on the hunt for a serial killer who loves Shakespeare -- this could definitely be an interesting and gory twist -- the man was poetic, but he also knew how to ramp up the ick and people pies. Polo is the detective over-seeing the case, Thompson is a police profiler brought back from psychiatric leave to help, Pellegrino is one of the killer's targets, Yoakam is a club owner and source for the investigation and finally, Pollak plays Thompson's psychiatrist. Polo has come a long way since her time as Ethan Hawke's Mystery Date (did you know that was her?), playing in a lot of comedies and thrillers, so this should be up her alley.
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