HBO Films has locked up Uma Thurman to star in My Zinc Bed, a film based on a popular British stage play by David Hare, who also wrote The Hours. The story of Zinc revolves around a young alcoholic who has an affair with the wife of his boss. Paddy Considine will play the young lush and Jonathan Pryce will play the old man who is wealthy enough to bag Uma Thurman. Directing duties will be handled by Anthony Page, most known for his television work. BBC is also co-producing with HBO, and the film is apparently set for first-run broadcast on HBO, not in theaters. As Variety points out, this project is being shepherded by Julie Goldstein, a Miramax honcho who was brought on board HBO earlier this year.

As for Uma, this isn't her first daliance with HBO -- she also starred in the 2002 Mira Nair film Hysterical Blindness. Aside from Zinc, she's also got a couple of interesting projects lined up for the end of 2007 and early 2008. She's going to be starring in a film by Vadim Perelman, the guy who directed House of Sand and Fog, and she's starring in The Accidental Husband, a romantic comedy in which she plays a radio talk show host who ruins a guy's marriage by telling his wife to dump him. This causes the guy to seek some kind of revenge on her. And speaking of revenge, no matter what roles she lines up after these, Uma will still have to show up in 15 years or so to do another turn as The Bride in Kill Bill 3.

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