I'm going to go on record right now and say that I love William Shatner. When I was a kid we moved around a bit and it was tough to make any real friends. Fortunately, the one constant I had in my life at that time -- right or wrong -- was television. Every time we moved to a new place, I would turn on the TV and there would be a rerun of the original Star Trek -- an old friend that I could always count on. William Shatner will always be Captain Kirk to me -- a friend there when I needed him.

So, reading this latest article provided for us by PR Inside, I can't help but be disappointed. Apparently, Shatner was lobbying hard to get a cameo role in the new Star Trek film, currently known as Star Trek XI, being directed by Lost and Mission Impossible III vet J.J. Abrams, but was denied a part by the film's producers. To add apparent insult to injury, Shatner also leaned that his Star Trek co-star Leonard Nimoywas cast in the new film and given a small cameo role. According to the article, these two events made Shatner very angry.

Although his people deny he's at all concerned or angry, I'll bet there's some truth to the story. After all, there probably wouldn't be a Star Trek without Shatner (or Nimoy for that matter) so its seems right that he be allowed to participate in the new film if he really wants to. I can't read Shatner's mind, of course, but I'll bet he feels he deserves some consideration for his role in creating the iconic and hugely popular franchise. But no matter if he's in the film or not, angry or not, he still deserves respect and consideration for creating one of the most beloved characters of all time.