Just the other day, I alerted you to Bruce Campbell's non-involvement in the upcoming Bubba Nosferatu and the Curse of the She-Vampires. Instead of hunting vamps, he's co-starring in USA Network series called Burn Notice, with Jeffrey Donovan as a spurned spy (Hitch), Gabrielle Anwar as an ex-lover and IRA spy (Scent of a Woman) and Christine Cagney herself -- Sharon Gless as the guy's hypochondriac mother. MoviesOnline has a nice, long interview with him, which is making me think he should try his hand in marketing. Usually when actors chat up a story, it seems to rehearsed and boring. But good ol' Campbell, he knows how to make it at least a little interesting. Hopefully the public will agree, and he'll have better luck than he did with his last long television stint -- Jack of All Trades.

The premise -- a spy is given a "burn notice" (which Bruce says is tantamount to "go away and die - we hate you") and spurned by the US government, so he uses his special ops training to help others. Campbell describes it as "Highway to Heaven with carnage and mayhem." If only that was the byline they used for the show! I bet a lot of people would check out at least one episode for that -- it's enough to make me curious. Bruce plays the Donovan's only friend, a former spy who "shacks up with rich Miami women to survive," an "ex everything, so I don't have to BE anything." The series starts next week, so we can see if it upholds Campbell's cult celebrity, or if he will have to add more wacky movie work to the plate. Either way, I don't think he'll be short of the random cult fanboy who drops "to his knees and wet(s) himself" at the sight of the Ash.
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