In his first written and directed film, Nadav Schirman used one hell of an intriguing story -- that of Wolfgang Lotz -- The Champagne Spy. The documentary, which has already won the Jury Award at DocAviv International Documentary Film Festival this March, and further awards at the Israeli Documentary Forum, is going to screen at the Los Angeles Film Festival this weekend. But that's not all. According to Variety, Collina Films is getting the filmmaker to write an English-language adaptation for a feature film treatment.

As Schirman describes it, Lotz was the "real life James Bond: Cairo, horses, parties, women, missiles in the desert..." Lotz's story is pretty wild. For a while the man was known as a rich German horse breeder, one with a habit of champagne gifts (hence the story's title). Some even said he had been part of Hitler's SS. But then came the shocker: he was a spy. But that wasn't all -- he was a Jewish spy, an Israeli citizen and an officer of the Israeli army. He also gave new meaning to luck and subterfuge -- while once posing as a tourist, he was arrested and taken to the base he was trying to spy on. While there, this exchange commenced with an Egyptian intelligence officer: "Rusty, do you want to rot in jail, or will you pay up with a bottle of champagne?" Lotz responded: "Egyptian or French?" "Now, don't act like a Jew. French champagne, of course." And if that wasn't enough, someone said a few days later, in an entirely joking manner: "Here comes the Israeli spy who tried to get into our rocket base." If they only knew!! If you'd like to know more about the documentary, there's a good interview over at Jewcy.
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