The blockbusters keep coming, and so do the big prizes here at Insert Caption Inc. Thanks to everyone who submitted captions for last week's Evan Almighty contest, and an extra special thanks to those who didn't make jokes about termites, loose lips or bad gas. All three of you have won. Kidding. (We tease because we love.)

It's been a while since we've had a real hardcore action man on Insert Caption. So this week we bring you Justin Long in the highly anticipated sequel Live Free or Die Hard. Writers of our three favorite captions will win The Die Hard Collection on DVD, starring Long's co-star Bruce Willis as terrorist-head-smack-upsider John McClane. Remember, the best caption is the one that's witty, funny and most of all, defends freedom at all costs. Good luck!

Evan Almighty1. "Everyone run, it's Charlton Heston and he's got a gun!!!" -- Benton K.

2. "Damn you discount Yachts!! Damn you to hell!!!" -- Jimmy B.

3. "Dang!! Who invited Chuck Norris on board?" -- Nicholas S.

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