Dreamworks is adapting the beloved children's book series Children of the Lamp, and it's being shepherded by Nina Jacobson, who formerly worked for Disney and will now be taking on her second large project with Dreamworks -- there are already three books with a fourth reaching bookstores this September. The stories revolve around the adventures of a set of twins, John and Philippa. In the first book, the twins live in New York City and after having a tooth-pulling experience at the dentist, their powers as members of the djinn tribe surface and enable them to grant wishes. The two take off on an adventure to London and Egypt in order to save the world from an evil tribe leader who wishes to wake a deceased pharaoh in order to use its power to continue his evil plight.

The following two books, Blue Djinn of Babylon and Cobra King of Kathmandu dive deeper into the fantastical world of these children genies, exploring the world while defending the good from evil. The books are filled with a plethora of vivid and exceptional characters and the whole thing should lend itself to an easy transition to the big screen. Jacobson was described in Hollywood Reporter as having a love for the books after reading them for fun with her children. This love for 'children's literature turned big budget movies' has become quite an affair in Hollywood. Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter films drew in big bucks at box office. The anticipation seems to stem across all ages, with adults becoming huge fans of the films and revisiting the books to refresh their memories.

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