Although I never actually saw the film, I never forgot the poster for A Tale of Two Sisters, Ji-woon Kim's horror thriller that came out in 2003. With a pristine backdrop with well-dressed parents, two girls in white bloody dresses stared out, looking dazed and confused. The movie had a pretty successful run, and now it's been picked up by DreamWorks for an English-language adaptation. Although we usually groan at the myriad of Korean thriller remakes that hit the screen, I'm actually kind of interested in this one. Not only was the original considered the alternate way to make a thriller (different than The Grudge or The Ring), but David Strathairn has been added to the cast.

He's just one of those actors you can't help but like -- and it doesn't hurt that he has the talent to boot -- grabbing an Oscar nomination for Good Night, and Good Luck. Or, if you want to go really old-school, his uber-excellent portrayal of a tough-guy alien in John Sayles' Brother From Another Planet. Strathairn will play the father of two girls who have just come home from a mental institution, and find that home life isn't so comfortable -- between an unbalanced stepmother, who is being played by Elizabeth Banks (The 40 Year-Old Virgin), and a ghost who haunts the home. The film will be the first directorial feature for Thomas andCharles Guard, from a script adapted by Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro. I'm not entirely interested in a psycho-Banks, but hopefully this remake can live up to its potential.

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