The self-deprecating, oddball romantic lead and remarkable director Woody Allen is about to take his talents beyond the camera lens and into the opera house. Allen has decided to make his debut directing Gianni Schicchi, from one of the most famous Italian composers, Giacomo Puccini, at the L.A. Opera in September of 2008. I've grown to love the opera -- so refined, I know -- and will be thrilled to be an audience member. The general director of the L.A. Opera, Placido Domingo, has been barking up Woody Allen's tree for years and finally, after four years, Allen has accepted Domingo's offer and claims he couldn't be happier.

Gianni Schicchi is the third opera from Puccini's three works titled Il Trittico. It's about a conundrum that results from the death of a wealthy family member; as the rest of the family mourns his death, they learn that his very large fortune has been willed to a local monastery. Sprinkled with an underlying love story, the opera is a comedic masterpiece. Allen admitted to Variety that he has no idea what he is doing, but with his natural comedic abilities I'm sure he'll figure something out. And if all else fails Woody, just do what you did in Mighty Aphrodite! And who knows, maybe he'll make a movie out of his frustrations. Of course, this isn't his first request for a film director to take to the operatic stage. Dave Cronenberg will make his debut with The Fly the day after Allen's rendition of Gianni Schicchi hits the stage.
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