I don't know what the Mancow radio show is, nor do I really care -- but what I am interested in is the undercover video they've been shooting from The Dark Knight set in Chicago. There seems to be a lot of folks going undercover in the wee hours of the morning in an attempt to grab some never-before-seen Dark Knight images, and so far they've achieved mild success. In this latest video (edited together with a hip techno-centric theme, which kind of makes you want to grab a couple of glow sticks while you watch), Mancow makes their way around Gotham City, showing us street signs, license plates, the Gotham bank and the school bus (apparently driven by the joker) that has crashed through it. But most importantly, the video also includes the first footage of Batman's tumbler in action. (Note: Click on the Batman for Mancow link in order to watch video).

It's not much -- all we currently see is the Tumbler crashing through a wall -- but it's certainly something, and should further whet the appetites of those die hard Bat-fanatics. Recently, we also reported on some spy video that supposedly showed Cillian Murphy (as Scarecrow) meeting a group of well-dressed guys in a parking lot. Although it was hard to make him out, it looked as if the person in question was wearing some sort of mask. However, it's also important to note that no one else has confirmed Murphy's involvement, and this spy is currently the only one claiming Murphy's presence on set. This Tumbler footage also comes shortly after Warner Bros. revealed a few photos of the new Batpod -- another souped-up vehicle with which Batman uses to kick a lot of ass. The Dark Knight is set to hit theaters on July 18, 2008.

[via JoBlo]

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