He had me at "I don't know how that's better than my f**king dog story." Not long ago, we pointed you toward a hilarious Knocked Up promo that was shot while production on the film was still taking place. In it, they wanted you to believe that Michael Cera was originally tapped to play the Seth Rogan role, but was fired after he and director Judd Apatow got in a disagreement over the proper way to recite lines. At the time, it was obviously a clever promotional video (Cera didn't really get fired) and it also showed how much fun a marketing campaign can be when you have a bunch of creative geeks in control. Well guess what -- there's more from where that came from. In a similar-themed video, now up over at the Funny or Die website, this time it's James Franco who gets axed from the lead role.

For those that saw Knocked Up (and if you haven't yet, then there's something seriously wrong with you), you'll remember that Franco shows up for a cameo while Katherine Heigl is on set shooting a segment for the E! channel. In this new clip, Franco attempts to add his own improv, but is cut short when Apatow wants to know what the hell he's doing. From there, the thing just goes bonkers -- Franco's ego explodes, he goes off on a Freaks and Geeks tangent (Franco, along with Rogen, Apatow and a few others, began his career on that show) and refuses to call Kristen Wiig (who's also in the scene) by her correct name. Not only is this clip slightly funnier than the previous Cera/Apatow video, but it also has me wondering how many more of these were shot and if they'll all show up on the DVD. God I hope so -- I can watch these guys crack jokes all day long. I've included the video after the jump. Oh, and Knocked Up is still in theaters -- go see it!