While doing press for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer down under, Jessica Alba came into contact with a wiseguy reporter for The Age who decided to bring up the subject of Into the Blue, one of her biggest flops. Released in 2005, the ocean adventure movie, that also starred Paul Walker and Josh Brolin, pulled in only $18 million at the box-office and, some say, cast a bit of a pall over Alba's bankability. When asked about her "dud" by the paper, Alba immediately dives into a lengthy response. "Here's the thing, though. Into the Blue was made before I made Fantastic Four or Sin City, and MGM, who made Into the Blue, was bought by Sony. So Sony had to distribute all of the movies it had slated for the year as well as all of MGM's movies. So they just threw it away. There was no press, no anything." Seems like she's put a lot of thought into the subject, no? And she's not finished.

"And I wasn't the star of the movie," she continues. "I was barely in it! It was Paul Walker's movie. He was the lead and I thought it was unfair that anybody thought I should have been the only one to carry that movie, because frankly it wasn't mine." The article also brings up the subject of Alba's infamous no-nudity clause, although they don't really ask her to speak to that directly. Instead, she's asked a general question about sex and pop culture, and launches into a monologue about sexuality and violence. "You know, sexuality doesn't scare me as much as violence," she says. "We put kids through a month of training, give them automatic weapons and send them into the desert and expect them to go kill people and survive in an environment that's completely foreign to them, and when they come home they can't order a f**king beer. I think that's bullshit. I think that is much more destructive than nudity or sexuality or any of that." So ... the no-nudity clause is still in place?