Last September, I was lucky enough to make it out to the midnight madness TIFF screening of All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, the horror homage by first-time-feature director Jonathan Levine. You might remember James Rocchi's glowing review of the film here. After a long period of quiet on the movie front, Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Dimenson Films is finally sending the flick to theaters this July 20th -- less than a month away! If you don't find this news exciting, you might want to give Mandy Lane another chance.

The premise is simple -- Mandy, played wonderfully by Amber Heard -- is the easily-loved popular girl who is admired by all men, and loved by the popular and loner alike. However, there's a bit of darkness that surrounds the girl -- the film starts with a death due to her appeal -- which is never good when kids are planning for a weekend in seclusion. She, her unpopular best friend and some group of popular kids head to a ranch and start getting picked off while Levine channels a bunch of horror films from the past. Heck, there are even a few scenes that were even dead-on homages to Dazed and Confused. While it is, by no means, immensely original, it's entertaining in a way that many of the current horror movies aren't. Then again, I'd take Scream over the present torture porn films any day. Besides, after all the sequels this summer that haven't quite lived up to hype, wouldn't something a bit different be a nice change of pace?
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