Just for you Wild Hogs fans out there, I have yet more information about the next "old" Disney flick from Walt Becker -- Old Dogs. The John Travolta-starring film most recently got Robin Williams, Kelly Preston and Ella Bleu Travolta added to the cast. Dogs is about a divorced father of 6-year-old twins who ends up having to take care of the kids for a few weeks with his "womanizing best friend/business partner." I'd imagine that Preston is the ex-wife, Williams the lecherous partner and Travolta the dad. There is still no word, however, if Ella Bleu is playing dual roles, or is just another kid in the film. Regardless, there's another Dog to add to the cast, one who isn't quite so decrepit and old -- Matt Dillon.

He's in final negotiations to co-star in the film as "the overzealous leader" of a summer camp that the twins are taken to. (Sheesh, all this kerfuffle about having to watch the two kids and someone else is taking care of them for most of their waking hours!?) To make things sticky, he's "ultraconservative and thinks the two men are actually gay lovers who have adopted the twins." Apparently, the whole faux gay thing is hot right now. First there's Chuck and Larry, and now Williams and Travolta. Being conservative and faced with the gay, Dillon's character keeps an eye on the two men. I'm sure that means that the duo will do lots of things to fire up the camp director's suspicions. Anyone want to place bets on how many furry jokes there will be? I mean, you can't insinuate things about the beast that is Williams and not go there!
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