I'll tell you one thing -- don't ask Variety. Ever since Superman Returns failed to absolutely crush the box office (as some expected it would), talk of a follow-up has gone back and forth. At first, Variety claimed a sequel was not "a sure thing" considering the lukewarm box office for Superman Returns. But once rumors began to circulate suggesting a Justice League movie may replace any and all further Superman sequels, Variety was quick to shoot it down, claiming the "assertion would be on par with saying Sony or Paramount would put their respective Spider-Man and Indiana Jones properties into turnaround." Well talk about not being able to make up your mind, because now Variety is once again questioning the sequel -- except, they're just a few months late to the party.

In a recent article, which talks about how a Justice League script (penned by partners Kieran Mulroney and Michele Mulroney) has been handed in to Warner Bros., Variety asks: "Will a souped-up Justice League prove to be Kryptonite to Superman?" When we first visited this topic, the JLA movie wasn't much more than a rumor at the time; Warners was interested in it, and they were looking for writers. But now that a JLA script has been completed (with Warners now searching for directors) before Bryan Singer and Co. have had time to finish their Superman sequel script, does that mean there's a possibility we'll see JLA before (or in replace of) the further adventures of the Man of Steel? Right now, Singer's Superman sequel is slated to be released in 2009. However, there's currently no script and the dude is filming another film, Valkyrie, for United Artists in the meantime.

So, I ask you: With a script done, will Warners bypass a Superman sequel and attempt to snag Singer to direct a Justice League movie instead?

[via IGN]

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