A roster of actor names has been splashed over at Filmick, alongside what may be their roles in Zack Snyder's upcoming Watchmen movie. There's absolutely no sourcing on this -- Brendan only says that the list was sent in by a Filmick regular and that around the same time, the same list also popped up on a Russian site. We all know that the words 'Russian website' are synonymous with credibility. At the very least, the source of the list appears to be up on the latest, since Keanu Reeves' name is gone from the roster and Patrick Wilson is still there. Speaking of Wilson, if this list holds any water the film may be turning into something of a Little Children reunion -- Kate Winslet's name is now at the top of the list as Silk Spectre, and there's a general consensus that Jackie Earle Haley is a shoe-in for the role of Rorshach.

Thomas Jane is on the list as The Comedian, who had much involvement in the series with Silk Spectre, so I guess that makes sense. Jason Patric is also on the list as Dr. Manhattan and Gretchen Mol is there as Janey Slater. I like all of these names so far, so this list has my blessing. There are also some lesser known names on the list, such as Jonah Hill, who may be playing Seymour and William Fichtner, who will be playing Bank Manager. Sorry, wrong casting sheet -- he's linked to the character Detective Fine. And of course, Jude Law is still hanging around as Ozymandias on the list. Let me close by saying that again, this is blatant rumor-mongering and probably fan fiction, but it sounds like a pretty good list, I think. Here's hoping it's real. Watchmen is currently in pre-production, and aiming for a release date sometime in 2008.

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