If there is a woman (other than Julia Roberts, of course) who has traversed most of the romcom actors in the world, it's Sandra Bullock. She's been romantically linked on-screen with men who include Tate Donovan, Keanu Reeves, Bill Pullman, Chris O'Donnell and Benjamin Bratt. If current talks for her upcoming comedy All About Steve continue as planned, her next cinematic interest will be none other than Thomas Haden Church. Erik Davis last told us about Bullock signing to the stalker comedy back in April. The flick follows Bullock who goes nuts stalking a CNN cameraman after one date, positive that he's her true love. She then follows him across the U.S., ultimately failing to lure him in (duh) but finding a "band of misfits who appreciate her for who she is."

Alright, now I get strange attractions. I've been teased a number of times for my taste in leading men. People think I was crazy for always getting distracted by Gary Oldman's screaming Wanted poster in Harry Potter, and very few understand my attraction to Christopher Walken. I get it. But when and how on earth did Thomas Hayden Church become a leading man? Seriously. We're not talking about a case where some people happen to find him attractive, we're talking about his roles that cast him as a luscious piece of meat to the female sex. Just yesterday, I was watching Sideways and I just didn't get it -- especially during the hotel sex scene. So now he's going to be the guy that makes Bullock go crazy with lust and love. Am I missing something?
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