So even though the film has had more than it's share of bad press, Nicole Kidman's sci-fi thriller The Invasion appears to be soldiering on until its release date later this summer. The German web site Movie-Info currently has a whole batch of stills just released from the film starring Kidman, Jeremy Northam and Daniel Craig. This latest batch of pictures pretty much builds on what we've already seen in the trailer. Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel (Downfall), the Body Snatcherupdate centers on a psychologist (Kidman) who learns that her son could be the key to stopping an alien invasion -- and even though they seemed to have done away with the pods, it looks like those pesky aliens still have a fondness for getting us in our sleep.

As we all know now, the film has had a "troubled" history to put it lightly, culminating in the addition of Warner Bros. favorite action duo, The Wachowski Brothers to help out with the film's action sequences. Hirschbiegel is still credited as the film's director, but gossip had The Wachowski's pretty much remaking the entire film with the help of V for Vendetta director James McTeigue. Of course, early reviews calling The Invasion "one of the most misguided and ultimately terrible genre films in years" are probably not going to help with public perception. Thanks to Jennifer we now know that the news about the movie isn't all bad and after watching the trailer I have to admit my hopes were definitely raised a little. Invasion is set for release on the relatively "competition-free" date of August 17, where it will go up against the Frank Oz comedy Death at a Funeral and Superbad. So, it hardly looks like they will be competing for the same audience. Considering what the film has been through already, you can't blame WB for wanting to hedge their bet just a little.
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