The German Defense Ministry has said "nein" to Tom Cruise, Bryan Singer and the entire Valkyrie crew. The original plan was to shoot on some German military locations, but apparently Mr. Cruise's connection to the Church of Scientology has shot that plan all to hell. Germany, you see, has a very low tolerance of the Hubbard religion (see Monika's post on the Stauffenberg family reaction to Cruise's participation). Variety explains it perfectly when they say the "decision was based on Germany's longstanding contention that Scientology is not a religion but an exploitative, profit-based business concern." Yowch. No hair-splittin' there, folks.

In years past certain German officials have called for boycotts on some of Cruise's films, plus they didn't let him shoot any of the third Mission: Impossible there -- even though he probably asked really nice. Personal opinions aside (yes, I think Scientology is mega-goofy), I think the German government is probably overreacting a little bit. But hey, points to the guys for sticking to their principles, right? Yet again, I don't see what one guy's religious beliefs have to do with the making of a movie... Oh, it's so frustrating to see both sides of an argument!

As far as Valkyrie goes, there are still plans to shoot in Germany, but apparently the military locations that the crew was after are strictly off limits. And it's all Scientology's fault. Production on the wartime thriller, which also stars Kenneth Branagh and Bill Nighy, is set to begin some time next month. (The flick's about a plot to kill Hitler, and even though we already know how the story ends (he lives) it still sounds like a pretty solid project.)
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