Here at Cinematical, we whip up our own set of best/favorite lists, which is sometimes a bit of a challenge considering the fact that we can only pick seven -- hence, the Cinematical Seven. But what gets to be too much? If the topic is too large, of course 50 or 100 would be appropriate, but how about a nice, even thousand? For the hordes of movies out there, is the number just right, too little or too much? The Guardian has decided to take a stab at the thousand best films of all time -- that's ALL time -- from Lumière to... Lucy Liu. They call these the "essential" picks that "best sum up the dazzling achievement and variety of the movies." The use of "essential" might be a bit much, but at least you know that there will be some goodies in the bunch.

Instead of trying to read through all these damn choices in one sitting, I've been scooting around the list (of which A-H1 is posted), looking up films as they pop into my head. They've got my all-time favorite, Heathers, and cruising the D's I spotted Dazed and Confused, but what of Before Sunrise/ Sunset? They've got the former, but not the latter. Now that might be a bit of a misfire. However, the films listed aren't only recent -- there is Frank Capra's black comedy, Arsenic and Old Lace, James Dean's Giant and foreign gems like Fellini's La Dolce Vita. Not to be ousted from the list, there's even dorky comedies like, believe it or not, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. And, the ever-blessed horror cult -- Sam Raimi got some love for The Evil Dead. I'm a bit disappointed that there's no Brother from Another Planet, and I'm not sure why Buffalo 66 should get so much text-time when The Deer Hunter has five lines. I understand that some are personal favorites, but I'd rather see raves about them all, if they must be on the list, and not words about the "terrific city" that is Buffalo. And they're only half-way through. How do you think they're doing so far?
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