Or, better yet, do you even care? In a message on his MySpace page, Jon Favreau has announced the completion of principal photography on Iron Man. For its final scenes, the production headed to Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, where Favreau complains about the crappy time slot they were given to shoot in. Since nothing ever shuts down in Vegas (not even for a big summer blockbuster like Iron Man), they had to shoot during the casino's off hours and, according to Favreau, were given a window of between midnight and one in the afternoon the next day. When all was said and done, however, the director was pleased to announce that they film was completed on time and on budget. "What a great way to end," he says.

Ah, but what about Hilary Swank? Well, here's how he finished his MySpace message -- you be the judge: "I would also like to thank Caesars for their hospitality, and generosity, and Swank accommodations." Did you catch it? He used a capital 'S' for the word 'Swank.' Was he simply trying to emphasize just how awesome Caesars accommodations were? Was he sending a cryptic "Hilary Swank was in these final scenes" message to us? Or was he simply trying to f*ck with us, writing just enough so that every movie site in the world would pick it up, debate the use of the 'S' and simultaneously plug the movie some more? Regardless, let's assume for a minute that she is in it -- if so, who could she be playing? A quick search on Wikipedia reveals the character Bethany Cade, who became Stark's love interest during the 1970s and early 1980s. Could Swank be playing her? Or what about another Marvel character, seeing as rumors already suggest Samuel L. Jackson will show up at some point as Nick Fury. Is it possible she's playing The Black Widow, one of Iron Man's early enemies? Tell us what you think.

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