Bond 22 director Marc Forster dropped a few Bondian tidbits in an interview recently, including the fact that they may be using the Swiss Alps as at least one of the settings in the film. "There can't be any better place than the Alps", Forster said. "No matter if you plan to do romantic scenes or hard action, the alps will be the perfect background for a Bond movie."

No place better than the Alps? I mean, I love the romance and intrigue of setting something in the snow, but if I have to watch James Bond wildly skiing down the face of a mountain while getting shot at, I might have to protest. Have you ever tried firing a gun while on skis? Not that I have, but those athletes in the biathlon even stop while taking their shots. Let's see Bond somewhere truly new, like the Australian outback or Easter Island.

Forster also commented on what a hard task it will be to cast Bond girls, something that I only imagine can be a grueling and time consuming process. You know Marc, if you need a hand with that sort of thing, I'd be happy to try and make some space in my schedule to give you a hand. In fact, if you need to go take care of other stuff, I could just handle that whole portion of the film for you. Let me know.

He also commented on his being picked as the director for the next Bond film, saying "They pretty much knew what they wanted: a young and unconsumed 'drama director' with his own visions." So we can all look back on him later, after Bond 22, and say that we remember him when he was young and unconsumed. After all, he'll be going from directing The Kite Runner to this film, which will be a big change in gears. Unless of course that movie also features a lot of gunplay and explosions.
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