The poster designers for Bratz: The Moviesure do love white space. The first of the movie's posters, a teaser that focused on the familiar logo and the release season, featured more than 50% blank space. Not even the four stars could compete with the need for so much white, and so they just barely fit, squeezed in at the bottom with only part of their faces exposed. The new official one-sheet for the toy-line-based pic does give the girls more room, but there is still a lot of emptiness. Some of that white space is actually filled up with faint cursive lettering, but at first, perhaps because of the brightness of my computer monitor, I didn't notice. Again, it seems the designers really want us to see the logo more than anything else. After all, this isn't really an ad for a movie; it's an ad for a brand. Whether people are first drawn to the cinema or to the toy store, the awareness of that other product is key.

Anyway, it is nice that the designers have finally showed us the actresses' mouths. I didn't quite get the point of the oral exclusion in both that first teaser and the second. Even the four character posters cut off some of the girls' mouths. I know none of them are familiar faces, but these young ladies needed more respect. Was it because none of them have the signature pucker of the Bratz dolls? Then make them pose with wax lips. At least then it's a little funny. I kept hoping, since first hearing about the movie, that the posters would resemble those Steve Madden ads with the distorted models. With their gigantic heads, the girls in those ads always looked like the Bratz dolls to me. Or vice versa, depending on which came first.

Bratz, which shockingly doesn't look any worse than every other teen movie coming out these days, opens August 3.

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