Video from the first day of shooting on Indiana Jones 4 (or, as some are calling it, Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods) has been handed over to the folks from But don't get your hopes up too high, there's not much to see. In it, we watch Steven Spielberg give a sweet champagne toast to his crew before setting out to shoot some car scenes. Then you have a few shots of George Lucas standing around, looking important. Cars driving down a dirt road. Spielberg giving directions while on top of a car. And then the money shot -- Spielberg and Lucas driving off into the sunset. Sadly, none of the principal cast members appear in the video, but since production is heading to New Haven, Connecticut later this week, I assume we'll be seeing a lot more of the guy in the fedora hat.

Personally, I like how they're attempting to stay one step ahead of the spy photos by releasing their own stuff before Jimmy Macman has time to snap shots from inside a garbage can at three in the morning. That said, there's still a host of Indy-related photos to grab. What does Shia LaBeouf's greaser kid character look like? Or how about Cate Blanchett? Indy looks fabulous sitting in a chair, but what will he look like during some hand-to-hand combat? So look for everyone and their mother's mother to be camped out in New Haven come June 28 at 6 a.m., as that's when the first shot is scheduled to take place. IGN tells us (via the New Haven Register) that it will be a 10-day shoot with production taking off July 1 and July 4.

Some buildings have already taken on a retro transformation; for example, a building on Chapel Street has been turned into a Woolworth's department store. If you're in the area, you might want to know that most of the shooting will take place on Yale's Old Campus, in and around Chapel, High, Elm and College streets. Oh, and the sequence that had Indy catching a football on the Yale practice field has been ditched, and replaced with a brand new scene set to take place inside Yale Law School. So, New Haven residents, keep you eyes and ears open, and let us know if you see anything cool.

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