My take on the Resident Evil series is pretty darn simple. Part 1: Slick, stylish, entertaining junk. Part 2: Junk. So when I read the not-so-surprising news that Sony was aiming to deliver a Part 3, I was equal parts happy and annoyed. But hey, any chance I get to see Milla Jovovich in torn clothing as she blows down zombies left and right ... I'll take it. I'm a big fan of the Milla. Then I learned that an old pro was being brought in (that'd be Russell Mulcahy, of Razorback, Highlander and Ricochet) and my hopeful-meter raised just a few points.

Well, Mulcahy's Resident Evil: Extinction doesn't hit theaters until September 21, but Sony aims to kick-start the zombie madness with a big swanky double feature DVD that the fans are sure to love. According to, the Resident Evil Double Feature Collector's Set will hit the shelves on September 4, and here's what you'll find inside the package: Both movies (Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse) obviously, a brand-new "bridging scene" that'll tie all three movies together through the magic of ... Resident Evil movie clips, a "Diary of an Apocalypse" featurette, a "Zombie Dog P.O.V Test," an "Undead Boot Camp" featurette, a "Memory Retention Division" featurette, a stuntman set tour, an "Evil Archives" photo gallery, an early peek at some Part 3 footage, and (best of all) a free ticket to see Resident Evil: Extinction. (That way if it really sucks you can say "I got in for free ... and I still want my money back!" and all your friends will laugh and call you clever.)

So there's some pretty good news for the newer Resident Evil fans. Kind of a kick in the teeth to anyone who owns the Resident Evil Special Edition, the Resident Evil Deluxe Edition, the Resident Evil: Apocalypse Special Edition or the previous Resident Evil / Resident Evil: Apocalypse double feature set. But oh well. That's what eBay is for, I suppose.
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