Following the success of Disturbia, Dreamworks has decided not to let go of that film's director, D.J. Caruso (who's also one of the directors rumored to helm Wolverine), as well as its star Shia LaBeouf. According to Variety, both guys have hopped onboard a new thriller called Eagle Eye, with plans to shoot this fall (once LaBeouf has completed his work on Indiana Jones 4). Like with most of LaBeouf's projects as of late, Steven Spielberg is involved in more ways than one -- Eagle Eye is based on his original idea, although the script was actually penned by Dan McDermott. As with Disturbia (and LaBeouf's next film Transformers), Spielberg will most likely slide into the exec producer role once again. He was originally tapped to direct, although some guy in a fedora hat convinced him otherwise. Thus, he's handed over the reigns to his two apprentices -- Darth Caruso and Shia Skywalker.

They're labeling this one a thriller, although at first glance I thought it was a comedy. Basically, a young slacker (LaBeouf) and a single mother are framed as terrorists and forced to join a cell that has plans to assassinate a political figure. I imagine the film then follows the two as they look for a way out of this craptacular predicament. Transformers scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (who are also the writers on Star Trek XI and practically every other big-budgeted blockbuster in recent years) will produce, having also just signed a deal to do the same on Cowboys & Aliens. Currently, there's no release date; expect LaBeouf's name to pop up once again when folks start talking up a Transformers sequel.

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