Since I don't know a darned thing about the Hitman video game, all I have to go on (as far as the upcoming movie version is concerned) is this: It was written by the guy who did Swordfish, it stars the very cool Timothy Olyphant, and its first teaser trailer (available exclusively at JoBlo's) is pretty damn slick. Generally your action movie trailers are mega-loud and bombastic mini-movies, brain-pounding sensation crescendos that almost pummel you into submission. (Actually I really love those trailers!)

The Hitman trailer, on the other hand, is quite the quiet and classy affair ... which somehow makes the flick seem just a little more bad-ass. Like I said, I've never played the video game, but I've been a fan of the Olyphant for quite some time (Deadwood rocks!) and I'm psyched to see him land a big-time action hero gig like this one. The director on Hitman is first-timer Frenchman Xavier Gens; his supporting cast includes Olga Kurylenko, Ulrich Thomsen and Dougray Scott. October 12 is when Fox plans to unleash the assassin, and I gotta say ... I'm all of a sudden pretty damn intrigued by this one.

Oh, I never mentioned the plot: It's about a bald hitman who kills a whole lot of bad people. Stylishly.