Back in November, I showed you an image from Suffering Man's Charity, Alan Cumming's first directorial feature on his own. His last, you might remember, was his collaboration with Jennifer Jason Leigh called The Anniversary Party. I was holding out all sorts of hope for the film, one that pits him against Bones star David Boreanaz -- a match which seemed strange, yet intriguing. Unfortunately, Scott Weinberg's review from SXSW wasn't very glowing. In fact, he said: "As it stands, the thing wavers between broad comedy, dark humor and mild thriller territory, never once settling on an approach ... and suffering mightily because of it."

Will the rest of us suffer the disappointment as well? I'm trying to stay hopeful, but I'm no longer sure. The movie finally has a website up that houses not only the usual throng of information and positive reviews, but also some images and 3 scenes from the film. There's a scene with Cumming and Henry Thomas quarreling about Vandermark's need to clean up questionable young men, another fight -- this one about money -- between Boreanaz and Cumming and finally, Anne Heche raving to Cumming about his manuscript (the one he stole from Boreanaz's Sebastian), while he praises grammar and syntax. Watching the clips, it seems very much like a theater presentation, from the over-acting to the still camera. Unfortunately, they don't give me much hope about the whole. Thomas and Cumming seem to be the only pair in the clips with any real chemistry. However, it's a comedic horror, so maybe this will be like But I'm a Cheerleader or any of the other strange comedies out there -- where something over-the-top can be endearing. Unfortunately, we have to continue to wait and see -- there is still no word about a release date.