You might have noticed that the much-touted AFI Top 100 list is missing something: female film directors. Few of the films have strong female leads, or were written by women. I suppose AFI would argue that they're not looking at the race or sex of filmmakers or stars, they just want to pick good American movies that everyone loves. But the Top 100 list does leave a lot to be desired if you're looking for diversity of any kind.

Enter the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, who decided they would make their own list of Top 100 films -- not 100 films directed by women, just the journalists' idea of what the all-time top 100 films might be. They wanted to see if for them, "great films" would have such a small representation of women. And unsurprisingly, the AFWJ list does include many more movies written and/or directed by women, as well as women in strong leads. The AFWJ Top 100 list, released on Monday, does overlap a little with AFI's list -- the inevitable Citizen Kane and Casablanca, for example. Howeer, AFWJ doesn't rank the films in order of goodness, but gives you an alphabetical list, which I prefer. In addition, AFWJ did not limit their choices to American films, although the AFI's definition of "American" has always seemed shaky to me. (A Clockwork Orange qualifies for the AFI list, but not Brazil? Weird.) Also, I am a little annoyed that AFI wants you to register with their site in order to download their top 100 list and the original ballot -- do a Web search and find it on a news site instead. The AWFJ list is viewable by anyone.

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