Every year, as an alternative to the gory and sci-fi midnight madness, WWSFF screens Slap 'N' Tickle, a selection of sex-related short films that screen in the dark hours after midnight. They're a collection of serious, strange, saucy and bawdy shorts ranging in locales from Australia to Canada. This year, they were:

Anniversary Present

The sarcastic among us would see a truly devoted and woman-spoiling husband and snicker: "sucker!" The husband (David Alpay) starts off by buying his wife a car on their wedding day. We then jump forward to their anniversary, where he carefully selects the usual staples like chocolates and a perfume bottle big enough to scent a cow. Meanwhile, his wife has her own plans for the evening, and when he stumbles upon them – "nuts" isn't a strong enough word for his reaction. It's cute, dysfunctional candy, and I wouldn't be surprised if Alpay becomes the comedic sidekick in something longer and more mainstream soon. (He actually started his career starring in Ararat, but has been under the radar lately.)

Rowlandson Rides Again

Thomas Rowlandson was an English caricaturist from the 18th century who was known for erotic artwork. Rowlandson Rides Again brings his brash art to life, following the over-the-top adventures of a macabre skeleton and the dalliances of Catherine the Great. It's visually impressive in its quick 5 minutes; however, I imagine the presentation would've been stronger silently. The art tells a story in and of itself, and doesn't need a poetic narration -- especially since this piece is celebrating the art, and not the story.
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